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Camps 2021: Tips for COVID-19 Safety and Camper Happiness

Very few organizations knew what to expect with the COVID-19 pandemic, let alone could have predicted its impact on camps during the 2020 season. Even the camps that did operate navigated the challenges in a completely novel and unprecedented[…]

5 Engaging Ideas for Your Dance Camp This Summer

Do you run a local dance studio? Are you passionate about dancing and want to share that love with your community? Are you planning a dance camp this summer? If you answered yes to any (or all!) of these questions, you probably want to know the[…]

4 Benefits of Digital Waivers for Your Summer Camp

When parents or guardians are signing their kids up for your summer camp, one of the first things your camp likely asks them to do is sign a waiver. A well-planned waiver with the right information included can bring a sense of peace to both your[…]

Top 5 Fun and Effective Youth Fundraising Strategies

Fundraising for your children’s schools, summer camps, clubs, sports teams, and community activities can sometimes be frustrating. Oftentimes, kids are joining teams and groups to hang out with their friends. It can be hard to keep up with what[…]

8 Ways Custom T-Shirts Can Build Community at Your Camp

Memories of summer camp hold special places in so many hearts. Even once they’ve grown up and moved away, these times are among the fondest childhood memories for many former campers.

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