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Understanding Youth Protection in Higher Education: A Guide

As you know, universities who host youth programs have an elevated responsibility to protect their minor participants while in their care. Through academic programs, sports clubs, overnight trips, and summer camps, children and teens from the[…]

4 Benefits of Digital Waivers for Your Summer Camp

When parents or guardians are signing their kids up for your summer camp, one of the first things your camp likely asks them to do is sign a waiver. A well-planned waiver with the right information included can bring a sense of peace to both your[…]

How to Increase Summer Camp Enrollment: A Complete Guide

As a summer camp leader, you are intimately familiar with the struggles that summer camp enrollment can present. Your camp offers the youth in your community an opportunity to get away for a few weeks during the summer to catch up with friends,[…]

Top 5 Fun and Effective Youth Fundraising Strategies

Fundraising for your children’s schools, summer camps, clubs, sports teams, and community activities can sometimes be frustrating. Oftentimes, kids are joining teams and groups to hang out with their friends. It can be hard to keep up with what[…]

Summer Camp Staff Training: A Complete Guide

Summer camp staff training can be tricky, but it has the power to make or break your camp. An excellent summer camp staff will propel your camp toward greatness with lightning speed. However, an unprepared and untrained staff can be hugely[…]

Summer Camp Staffing: 7 Top Recruitment & Hiring Strategies

One of the most important segments of your camp community is your team of counselors. These are the people who make the magic for your campers, running your activities and managing your cabins all summer long. Counselors are heroes! They’re[…]

10 Summer Camp Marketing Strategies to Find More Campers


Summer Camp Evaluation Forms | Tips and Sample Questions

Camp is one of the happiest places a kid can go during the summer. Between making new friends and trying new activities, kids of all ages get to escape the doldrums of school and live wild for a while.

Summer Camp Registration Forms: Free Tips!

Camp Registration Software: Don’t Miss Out on These Features

Running a camp, while rewarding, is a seriously difficult undertaking. There is so much to keep track of, from payment installments to healthcare forms and from t-shirt purchases to guest group rentals. How can one team hope to keep track of[…]

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